Week 6: Living the Dream 2023

Time sure does fly when you’re “living the dream” at Camp Watitoh! Week 6 has been a whirlwind of special events, evening activities, and an awesome four days of Olympiad! Fake breaks filled the air, while “1-2-3-4, we want Color War!” sang loud and proud from the Mess Hall.

As per usual, Monday was filled with special events and boys and girls camp split activities. The afternoon was the Carnival! With special games, a bouncy course, dunk tank, snow cones, and cotton candy, a good time was had by all. The smell of Color War was in the air, and everyone was waiting anxiously for the official Color War break!

Tuesday was filled with all sorts of excitement for Watitoh Gardens! This long standing tradition of the Waiters vs. the Staff in a classic game of basketball for the entire camp to watch was on the horizon and you could feel the energy in camp all day. Campers were making signs, boys were cleaning and sweeping the court, and the teams were resting for the night’s activity. We welcomed four alumni referees to officiate the game and the Upper Senior Boys were ready for their score keeping responsibilities. Both the Waiters and the Staff teams really showed up to play and many times throughout the game, it was anyone’s to win! In the end, the Staff came out on top by ONE POINT, 38-37. Ben Tomoskovic was the Camper MVP, he was all over the court, and brought an insane amount of energy and enthusiasm!

Wednesday was a traditional camp day and the evening activity was the Senior Camp Play – The Descendants. The campers on-stage were incredible showcasing their talent and dedication to making the performance great. Our Drama Director, Becca Rand, produced a wonderful play and we are so proud of the entire cast and crew!

On Thursday, the day was filled with more fun and special events, including a Luau in the afternoon, where there were five different Color War fake breaks. The camp was in chaos as the anticipation of Color War was looming … finally, on Thursday after dinner the TICS and Waiters received a special package delivery from USPS on the Oval, and Color War officially broke!
We spent four amazing days in an awesome competition between Tan Pontus and Green Scylla. Tan, led by Brandon Gelb, Jane Radcliffe, Beatrice Fleurant, and Charlie Flamm, challenged Green, led by Ben Tomoskovic, Phoebe Hirsch, Maxine Daspin, and Spencer Stanosek-Rockwood to a great four days of unbelievable competition. Land sports, sailing, rock climbing, cooking, chess, art, and more were all displayed throughout this Olympiad. Both teams brought the spirit and upheld the tradition of healthy competition throughout. Despite challenging weather, we were able to complete the Apache Relay on Day 3, where Green Scylla won! The entire team jumped into the lake with enthusiasm celebrating their win!

Tonight we experienced one of the most incredible traditions at Watitoh, the Olympiad Sing and Art Presentation. Both teams sang their hearts out to beautiful songs and both presented camper banners that were creative and demonstrated amazing talent. A huge congratulations to TAN PONTUS for winning SING AND for winning Olympiad 2023! We are so proud of all of the participants and especially the leadership of both teams for their amazing efforts.

It is a bittersweet feeling heading into the last week of Camp, but we are so grateful for another wonderful summer with our campers and staff! We’re heading to Six Flags on Wednesday and are looking forward to Memory Lane, Final Banquet, Closing Campfire, the Scroll and of course, our closing ritual of Candle Boats.
See you soon…but not too soon!