Staff at Watitoh

Living the dream of making a difference in a child’s life

Whether you have always known you wanted to work at a camp or the opportunity is new to you, being a staff member at Camp Watitoh will change your life for the better. Camp counselors at Watitoh are role-models, self-confidence boosters, unconditional friends, care-givers, and cheerleaders. In the eyes of Watitoh campers, their counselors are real life superheroes, guiding them on the path of living their dream. In return, Watitoh counselors get to work outdoors with amazing kids, bond with fellow staff members on and off camp and build relationships that could easily last a lifetime.

Below is a checklist of all the things you should expect from your summer as a staff member at Watitoh. It will be the best summer of your life, the most rewarding experience in the world and the hardest job you can imagine, all in one! If you’re up for this challenge, click here to apply online.

watitoh staff camper

You should expect:

  • To have one of the most memorable and rewarding summers of your life in the most breathtaking setting in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.
  • To have a really hard job and not assume you’ll be on vacation!
  • To put the needs of your campers ahead of your own.
  • To do some things that you never would have thought you would do.
  • To laugh and remember what it means to truly be yourself.
  • To work closely with people who may have viewpoints different from your own.
  • To have an experience that other people may not relate to once you return home.
  • To be part of a community and not a 9 to 5 job!
  • To make friends that you will never forget from all over the United States and the world.
  • To be exhausted at times and be expected to keep going.
  • To have days off where you can explore the surrounding areas and travel to local attractions including nearby Boston.
  • To gain experience that can help build your resume for those interested in the fields of education, recreation, social work, coaching, outdoor education, and many more.
  • To push yourself and grow as a person.
  • To learn from the kids.
  • To have limited privacy or time by yourself!
  • To cry when you leave.