First Time Campers

Living the dream of your summer home!

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Whether you are experiencing sleepaway camp for the first time, or you have been to a camp before, Watitoh will immediately feel like home. Our down-to-earth campers and parents have described it as a special feeling of warmth and friendliness. It starts from the moment we meet you and continues through the winter months leading up to camp.

Before you even get to camp, you can look forward to:

  • Regional winter pizza parties to connect you with other local families before the summer so you recognize familiar faces at the bus.
  • Home visits with Britton and Drew so that they can get to know you really well and match you with the right bunkmates and counselors. They’ll tell you about all of the things you’ll be doing at camp and answer all of your questions.
  • Hearing from your camp pen-pal and learning about Watitoh from a camper who has been in your shoes.

From the moment you set foot on the bus, the fun begins! Counselors and returning campers will be eager to sit with you, talk to you, teach you the camp songs and traditions, and make sure you are comfortable, secure and happy.

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As soon as you arrive at camp:

  • Your bunk counselors will be waiting for you to give you a warm Watitoh welcome, show you to your cabin, then give you a tour of camp.
  • You will share in first-night laughter while you get to know your bunkmates, and be assured that your counselors are prepared to help with friendship building, bunk dynamics, and homesickness. They are there for you all the time.
  • You will meet your camp Big Brother or Big Sister and start forging a very special relationship that will last throughout the summer and beyond – someone for you to look up to and spend time with.

Parents will hear from Britton or Drew within the first 48 hours to share details of how their camper is settling into their summer home.