Jobs @ Camp

Camp Watitoh employs an enthusiastic staff with a variety of talents in order to provide our campers with the best summer experience possible. If you can see yourself spending the summer working in a beautiful, family-like environment, take a look at some of the different roles at camp – none more important than the other.  Our staff come from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, however, we share the common bond of wanting to make an impact in a campers life!

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General Counselor

General counselors are the backbone of the cabin unit. Along with their co-counselors, general counselors foster community building and connect with their campers at the deepest level. They are present at each activity, cheering on their campers when they have accomplished their goal, supporting them when they’re trying something new, and being a sounding board when navigating through friendship issues or other concerns that arise in the camp environment. While most of the day is spent traveling with their campers to activities, there are elective periods when general counselors will be teaching a hobby or assisting at an activity. In some instances, general counselors may work part-time as specialists. All staff are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of their campers.


Specialists are counselors who live in cabins with campers and spend the bulk of their day at a program area, leading the campers in a specific skill. Whether it’s teaching swimming at the lake, directing a camp show, leading a soccer clinic, creating an art project, or belaying at the climbing wall, our specialists are the vehicle for building self-confidence all over camp. While most of the day is spent at a program area, specialists have the opportunity to build relationships and create bonds with their campers in their cabin, during meals, at Rest Hour after lunch, at Tribe Time after dinner, and every night at evening activity and bedtime.

Head Staff/Leadership

The Head Staff are adult leaders on camp, typically men and women who are professionals in their fields and oversee an area of camp. Head staff are responsible for coordinating and overseeing a program area or group of areas. These staff members assist with evening camper supervision and will plan and coordinate some all-camp activities, evening programs and special events. They are active participants in all aspects of the camp community and act as role models for campers and the staff they manage. These positions are: Head Counselor (boys and girls), Waterfront Director, Athletic Director, Arts and Crafts Director, Tennis Director, Drama Director, and Music Director.


Our nurses are a crucial part of the camp community. The full time RNs dispense all medications (prescription and over-the-counter), triage and treat campers and staff at daily clinic calls, supervise campers not well enough to attend activities, and are on-call to respond to medical needs on camp. The camp nurses are liaisons between camp and the local doctor who sees patients as needed. Nurses must be licensed RNs who have experience with children.


Our office is the center of camp operations and its staff are an integral part of making sure campers, staff, and parents have the up-to-the-minute information they need. The office staff is responsible for answering incoming phone calls from parents and with a warm, welcoming voice, being helpful and available for our camp families. In addition, the office staff has an array of other administrative duties that mirror the responsibilities of a normal office. In addition to office work, these candidates will spend time at our front gate, welcoming and announcing visitors.


Our kitchen support team is one of the most important on camp. We serve hundreds of meals each day to campers and staff, maintaining the highest level of food quality and cleanliness. Kitchen positions include cooks and dish room staff who work together to make sure meals are prepared in a timely fashion and proper care is taken in cleaning dishes, pots, and pans.