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The centerpiece of Camp Watitoh is our Waterfront on Center Lake. Both girls camp and boys camp each spend at least two periods per day at the lake.

During the morning period, the campers are grouped according to swimming ability and rotate daily between swimming, sailing, kayaking, and canoeing instruction, and, of course — our camp favorite — waterskiing! This period provides a great opportunity for our campers to learn new skills and to make new friends in other bunks and other age groups.

During the afternoon period is our free choice activity at the Lake. Once again, our boys and girls camps alternate at the Waterfront. Every day, each camper gets to choose which water activities he or she wants to do. This is a time for our campers to play, to challenge themselves, to hone their skills, and revel in the sheer joy of being on Watitoh’s beautiful lake.

While one camp is on the waterfront, the other camp is on land, morning and afternoon. Together with their bunkmates and counselors, campers will engage in an array of land activities with highly qualified specialists, learning new skills and building on existing ones.

Our Hobby Elective hour, when each camper chooses an activity he or she would like to specialize in for the week, includes our traditional sports, arts, waterfront, and adventure programs, alongside other innovative offerings like outdoor fitness, cooking, science, rocketry, Frisbee Golf, fashion design, synchronized swimming, and more!

After dinner, the Watitoh community gathers outside around the Oval for Tribe Time, when campers and counselors laugh together, play together, and have fun together. It’s a magical time of amazing camp spirit.

As the sun sets on Center Lake, our Evening Activities begin.

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