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There is so much to do at Watitoh all summer long, and all of it fun! Campers look forward to a combination of exciting activities by cabin and age group, as well as individual choice periods each day. Traveling together with their cabin and age group, campers receive skill-building instruction in all areas of camp while developing strong bonds with their peers. Choice periods allow campers to spend more time at their favorite activities and those that have sparked their interest. Our program balances diverse, age-appropriate activities with individual, independent choice, allowing our campers to live their dream while sharing it with their friends as well.

Watitoh’s full camp season lasts 50 days, and the majority of our campers attend for the full seven weeks. Another popular program is our four-week enrollment, with the option to extend for the full season. This program is perfect for campers who are not ready for a full summer-camp experience but may want one in the future. Lastly, we have a three-week option for the final three weeks of camp, which offers campers a great taste of our warmth and camp spirit!