Welcome to Watitoh


We understand that the dream of camp is different for every child, according to their needs and interests. The memories our campers take away with them grow stronger and more enduring with each season. At camp, they can be whoever they dream of being — a friend, an athlete, a performer, an artist — included, supported, respected, loved, in their summer home. Those are the dreams our campers are living every day at Watitoh.

You can be assured that not only are we your camp directors, but we are your partners as well. We are out on campus all day long getting to know your children as if they were our own. We encourage you to contact us at any time to better share in their experiences. We are always here for you and your child.

We are so excited and proud that your camper will be living the dream with us this summer.

The spirit of the camp is unparalleled. Campers are connected to one another and there is an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance, and community. The camp provides a great mix of traditional values of togetherness and community and cutting-edge activities and programs that will appeal to all children.” – CURRENT PARENT