Dates, Fees & FAQs

Full Season

Saturday, June 22 – Friday, August 9, 2024 • $13,400

4 Weeks with Option to Extend (First Month)

Saturday, June 22 – Sunday, July 21, 2024 • $10,000*

*4 Week options are for campers entering 5th grade and younger in the fall after the camp season.

Early Enrollment Credit: Enroll on or before 10/01/2023 and receive a tuition credit!

Visiting Day

July 13, 2024

Additional Paid Activities:

  • Golf Lessons: $500
  • Horseback Riding Lessons: $500
  • Tennis Plus Lessons: $300

Tuition Includes:

  • Transportation to/from scheduled departure points
  • Canteen
  • Basic Sundries
  • Laundry
  • Regularly scheduled trips (transportation and admission fees) except for the Senior Camp trip to Boston.

Camp Watitoh must comply with regulations of the MDPH & be licensed by the LBOH.


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Where is Camp Watitoh located?

Camp Watitoh is ideally located in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts in the town of Becket. For parents and campers, the Berkshires have so much to offer. We are three hours north of New York City, two hours west of greater Boston, and approximately an hour from Albany International Airport and Bradley International Airport, serving the Hartford, CT/Springfield, MA area.

Where are Watitoh campers from?

Our campers come from all over – from the New York metropolitan area, up and down the East Coast from Boston to Florida, out west in California, Oregon, Texas and Colorado, and a wonderful International community from Canada, Spain, France, Italy, China, the Dominican Republic, and beyond.

What makes Watitoh different from other camps?

What makes Watitoh different from other camps is more than our magnificent lake or our activities or our facilities. The answer is simple…It is a feeling. It is a feeling that there is no better place in the world for your child to be able to feel and act like a kid. It is a feeling you get when you speak to the directors for the first time, and they put your mind at ease. It is a feeling you have when you walk through our gates and meet our really nice campers. It is a feeling you get when you talk to the counselors and see how deeply committed they are to your children. It is a really special feeling that you will not find anywhere else.

What sessions options do you offer?

The full camp season lasts 7 weeks, and the majority of our campers attend for the full seven weeks. A popular alternative is our four-week enrollment, with the option to extend for the full season. This program is great for campers who are not ready for a full summer-camp experience but may want one in the future.

How is the Watitoh staff selected?

The Watitoh staff is comprised of teachers, coaches, and college-aged counselors who are professionally trained before camp begins. Personally interviewed by directors, each staff members must have excellent references and are screened for appropriate background checks. We take pride in our hiring process and only hire staff who have proven experience working with children and an innate ability to help each child live their summer dream.

What is meal time like at camp?

The entire camp eats meals together, a great way of creating close community and family. Sitting with bunkmates and counselors, campers are served family-style by our camper waiters, our oldest boys – a special tradition at Watitoh. A meal does not go by without singing and cheering from the entire camp!

Are the activities by cabin or individual choice?

Campers look forward to a combination of exciting activities by cabin and age group, as well as individual choice periods each day. Traveling together with their cabin and age group, campers receive skill-building instruction in all areas of camp while developing strong bonds with their peers. Choice periods allow campers to spend more time at their favorite activities and those that have sparked their interest.

How do parents and campers communicate with one another during the summer?

We recognize that there are unique situations that exist in every family. First-time parents will receive a call from one of the directors within the first 48 hours of camp. At that point, we will assess, together, when the first phone call should take place. We allow campers and parents to determine how often they are comfortable speaking on the phone. Most campers will speak to their parents every 7-10 days. Parents can email their campers before 11am for delivery that day. Campers write letters home three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What if a camper experiences homesickness while at camp?

Homesickness is a very normal feeling. For some campers it may be predictable and for others, it is unexpected. Directors, Head Counselors, Group Leaders and Counselors all work together with your son or daughter, helping him or her feel comfortable at camp. Camp Big Brothers and Sisters are an integral part of the process and are there to help your camper make new friends and become acclimated to camp life.

Is there bus transportation offered?

Chartered bus transportation is available on the first and last days of the camp season for campers traveling from the New York metropolitan area, Montreal and nearby airports.

How do you celebrate summer birthdays?

Campers dream of having a summer birthday at Camp Watitoh! Special recognition at morning line-up, decorations in the dining hall, phone calls with your family, a birthday package from home, and an all-camp birthday celebration at dinner make a camper feel like there is no other place he or she would want to spend a birthday!

Is Watitoh a uniform camp?

Although Watitoh is not a “uniform” camp, there is a list of T-shirts, shorts and other sportswear that campers need for special occasions. Campers love to show their spirit in Watitoh-wear that you can purchase through our outfitter, The Camp Spot. Laundry is done on a weekly basis by a commercial laundry service that picks up and returns within less than two days.

What is the Watitoh electronics policy?

We believe camp to be the ideal environment to foster independence and communication skills. The value of the camp experience is the opportunity to disconnect from certain electronics and media. If an item can send or receive emails, phone calls, play video content or access the Internet, it is not permitted at camp.

Does Watitoh observe any religious traditions?

While Watitoh is not religiously affiliated, we do celebrate the Jewish tradition of Shabbat on Friday nights. This tradition is very much in line with the family feeling nature of our camp. At dinner, we recite the blessings over the candles, wine, and challah (bread) and enjoy dinner as a camp family. Before our weekly campfire on Friday, the entire camp participates in a short, inclusive service, focusing on good values and tradition. This is optional for our non-Jewish campers. Arrangements will be made for any camper who wishes to attend church services.

How can I get more information about Camp Watitoh?

The camp can be seen either in season or out of season, by arranging a tour with the camp office. The directors also meet with interested families at their homes to describe camp in greater detail. It is our hope to know as much as we can about each of our campers before they enroll in camp. Please call us at 413-623-8951 or email to schedule a visit during the summer or throughout the year.