Summer 2022 – Week 3

The sun has been shining and the laughter hasn’t stopped!! Week 3 was a week of busy activity, intercamps, and A LOT of SING practice. This week was “Hike Week” in Nature! Our Cadets and Scouts, Debs and Inters all got off camp for local hikes while Dakota, Ojibwa, Mohegan, Seminole, and Mohawk have all enjoyed their camping overnights!

Looking back all the way to last Sunday…Organized by the TICS, the girls had British Empire Day. An amazing mini-Color War, Girls Camp was split into three teams compete in sports, a swim meet, bucket brigade, an Apache relay, and a track meet. Great Britain, led by Zoey Falzone; Australia, led by Sienna Elichman; and Canada, led by Jolie Schein all demonstrated great sportsmanship, camaraderie, and enthusiasm for their own team. In a close race, Canada came out on top! While the girls were competing, the boys spent their morning in their annual Sports-a-Rama Swim Meet and the afternoon playing Harry Potter style Quidditch! They even had real Quidditch goals! Ravenclaw (the Blue team) took first place!

Sunday night was the “Campchella” Social with festival bracelets, temporary tattoos, and glow face paint. The Debs and Inters had a great night out at Candle Pin Bowling while the Rangers and Middies had a Dance Party social at Topsy’s Ice Cream!

Monday was a typical program day followed by Sports-a-Rama.

Tuesday was the annual Birthday Banquet! A much anticipated tradition, it is the night we celebrate the birthday of Camp Watitoh AND all of the campers and staff who do not have summer birthdays. We get slightly more dressed up, have a banquet style meal, and invite campers and staff to help us light the candles while we all sing “Happy Birthday to us!” The night ended with a highly energetic, very sweaty, Silent Disco party DJ’d by DJ 207(Greg), DJ OHNA (Aine), and DJ Millerrr (Milo)!

Wednesday was girls and boys separate evening activities. The boys played REBUS, a scavenger hunt meets logic puzzle game. Congratulations to Jake Harwas’ team for winning! The girls had a brand new activity called, “Battle of the TICS”, the bunks and their TIC played against other bunks and their TIC. The second round was the TICS facing off against each other. Some of the activities were gaga, lip sync battle, Heads Up, and Human Knot, breaking an apple, cookie face, and the final activity was a whip cream in the face and lastly, a water slide race. The winners were TICS, Abby Wiener and Sophia Yudell!

Thursday was the coed swim meet at Camp Greylock where Watitoh placed 2nd. Forty campers traveled across Center Lake by boat to compete!! Thursday night the whole camp had SING practice in anticipation of the amazing performance on Friday night. We surprised the TICS and Waiters by renting out the local movie theater to see the new Minions Movie.

Friday night was our traditional SING…and…it was AMAZING! Emotions were flying as we listened to all of the songs, particularly the TICS and Waiters. We were so proud of all our performers and overwhelmed by the special lyrics written by our staff. A special shout out for her time and effort that our Music Specialist, Cece Lampa, put into the experience. If you haven’t already, make sure to login to VIMEO to watch!

Today was our Girls Virtual Visiting Day!! Happy girls were talking to their parents and opening their Visiting Day boxes! It’s a sugar rush on Girls Camp! Tomorrow the boys will get to do the same! They can’t wait! Stay tuned for photos from the Square Dance on Sunday Night and Pan Am Day for the boys on Monday!

We are already looking ahead to Week 4 and what is in store! Name that Tune, Townsend Cup Cabin Feud, and Las Vegas Night Saturday are just some of the highlights of the upcoming week. We have so many intercamps and exciting events to look forward to!! Remember that Sunday is a Monday at Camp Watitoh and vice versa! That means we have a late sleep MONDAY followed by Pan Am Day for the boys. Phone calls will resume on Monday with a Sunday schedule…