Living the Dream: Week 6 & 7

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Living the Dream…the last two weeks.   As the candle boats float from the beach to the edge of the “H” dock, on this last night of camp, it’s incredible to think back on the summer that has past. Each week of the summer represents a milestone and these past two weeks are no different. There is an aura in the air of excitement and curiosity of what the end of summer will bring.

IMG_2375Week 6 began with an exciting night of Sports-a-Rama followed by some of the all-time camp favorite evening activities. Tuesday night was the Kentucky Derby! Just kidding… it was Watitoh Downs! We turn the Social Hall into the races and campers pretend to be horses in an exciting night of odds and winners. Wednesday was the ever-popular and most exciting Watitoh Gardens. Our incredible Camper Waiters played an intense and close game against our Staff Team. The waiters put up a good fight and many of us thought they had the win, but history repeats itself and the Staff Team took the game 34-29. Next year, waiters! Thursday was our final Sports-a-Rama competition, Name that Tune!

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All week long the cheers in the Dining Hall were getting louder and louder. From all corners of the building we could hear, “1-2-3-4, we want Color War!” We responded with “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!” And, low and behold, after an outdoor BBQ, an ice cream truck came rolling down the oval with balloons flying out the window. Our amazing camper generals: Sydney, Jack, Sophie, and Josh led their teams in an incredible Color War, filled with competition, great sportsmanship, camaraderie and undeniable fun! We are very proud of both the Tan and Green for their efforts and enjoyed watching all of the campers on and off the field. From the swim meet to the Sing, from the Apache to the score updates, Green Charybdis and Tan Tartarus will not be forgotten. A special shout out to Arts Director, Mike, for his amazing Color War banners.


Color War concluded and we celebrated with an all-camp trip to Six Flags, New England! As bunks of campers reunited, they tested their limits on rides such as Bizarro, The Wicked Cyclone, Sky Screamer and Mind Eraser!! For those of us who prefer to always keep two feet on the ground, lots of games were played and food consumed.

Plaque making, IMG_4173tennis tournaments, sailing regattas, waterski shows and more filled the last two days of camp.  Evenings were spent enjoying Memory Lane, separate girls and boys nights, and our Final Banquet. One of the highlights of the summer happened Thursday when our older campers performed Footloose! Not only were the songs a huge hit but it looked like the cast was having a blast! We’re so proud of all of our thespians and are amazed at all the time and effort it took to put this show together.

Saturday marked the end of an incredible summer, where friendships were formed, relationships solidified, veteran campers and counselors returned and new children and staff welcomed. We are so lucky to be a part of this incredible family and look forward to seeing one another soon.