Living the Dream: Week 6

Another epic week at Camp Watitoh in the books!

The week kicked off with a normal program day for the girls and the boys Decathlon in the morning and throughout the afternoon. The evening was the last Sports-a-Rama and hobby selection of the summer.

On Tuesday the Cooking Hobby took a trip to go Blueberry picking while the boys all got ready for Watitoh Gardens! The Senior and Upper Senior boys spent most of their day cleaning the court and making sure it was ready for our Waiter campers and staff to play their basketball game. Campers were making signs in arts and crafts and the competition was in the air! The TICS performed a memorable dance as the half-time show and ended it with a “fake break” for Color War. Alumni, Rich Bettan, Spencer Smolinsky, and Noah Goodman were the referees. It was a tough battle and both teams showed up to play! In the end, the counselors took the victory but the Waiters showed extraordinary skill and determination. We were all very proud of them.

Wednesday was the girls Decathlon in the morning and our favorite Berkshire performer, Tom Carroll in the evening. Tom has been coming to Watitoh for years and plays favorite cover songs like, “Another Day, Another Dollar” and “Every minute, Every Mile.” From the youngest campers to the oldest staff members, everyone loves this night and the sing-along that ensues. Thanks to our Art Specialists, Antoinette and Caleb, we also pulled off another amazing “fake break “and presented “fake” banners!

On Thursday the Canoe Hobby took a trip down the Farmington River in Connecticut. They had a beautiful day out on the river. Thursday night was the annual Watitoh Downs, where we turn the Social Hall into horse races and campers get the chance to “bet” on the winning horses.

There is no doubt that Color War was in the air…Friday morning was a typical morning at camp. As campers sat in the Mess Hall for lunch, they never imagined that we would break the games so early in the day. Low and behold, at the end of the meal, a Becket fire truck came rushing down the oval with sirens blaring and lights flashing! Campers and staff started running out to the flower bed where the firemen were spraying water at the kids and the Color War papers were thrown from the roof of the Mess Hall and the fire truck deck. Thanks to our maintenance team and amazing nurses for their help in coordinating the break!

And there it was, EGAD THIS IS OLYMPIAD, the banner they had all been waiting for. Green Mythos led by camper generals, Sarah Cohn and Matt Neschis; and Tan Erebus led by Abbey Flamm and Jake Goodman. Green Chiefs of Staff are Babs Ward and Ethan Farner while Tan are Louise Prior and Luke Gold.

We went right into activity with our Opening Ceremonies that afternoon immediately followed by Tug-of-War. The evening concluded the first day of Olympiad with an outdoor activity session of land sports and sing rehearsals.

Saturday was a complete day of outdoor field activities. Soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball and speedball were played all day and our Official Score Keeper couldn’t believe how close all of the games were. The boys and girls both had their swim meets which were run with great professionalism and the campers demonstrated great talent! All in all it was a strong start to the games!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a track meet, more land activities and our first ever Rope Burn at night! Monday will be the Apache Relay followed by the grand finale of Sing! Stay tuned for more Color War details and more about the last days of camp!