Living the Dream: Week 2

It’s hard to believe that the second week of camp has come and gone. And what a week it was!

Beginning with our first Sunday Special Event Day, we experienced our Sports-a-Rama Apache Relay. Campers were assigned different events in a relay around camp: leap frog from the infirmary to the ceramics building; walking down Den Hill balancing a book on their head; hitting water balloons across the tennis court; row boating across the lake to name just a few of the events! The winner was the Ohio Nittnay Lions! The day ended with our traditional Sunday night socials and a trip to bowling for the Scouts and Inters.

Monday was a typical program day and the end of the first week of hobbies. In the afternoon, the Cadets and Scouts hosted the Camp Mah-kee-nac boys for a friendly intercamp. Non-traditional sports, Slip n’ Slide Kickball and Grenades took over the lower ball field. Monday night was our second round of Sports-a-rama games and bunk challenges.

Tuesday was no ordinary day here at Camp Watitoh…it was the 4th of July!! Woken up by Shooter Jennings, “4th of July,” the campers dressed in Red, White, and Blue to show their USA spirit. The TICs decorated the Mess Hall for lunch and the girls decorated their cabins at Rest Hour. Bucket Brigade, Team Sponge Bacon, Mission Impossible and Gaga were all part of a rotation of activities for the Red, White, and Blue Teams. The day ended with Watitoh’s first ever CHAOS! The marquis event for the TICs and Waiters was a relay race that consisted of: cracking an egg on their head, dizzy izzy and tossing tennis balls dipped in chocolate into their shirt, rolling in a bath of ice, searching for pennies in oatmeal, and belly flopping into a baby pool of water. It was messy, it was slippery, and it was awesome!!

Along with a number of other very exciting intercamps throughout the week, Wednesday was the Annual Romaca Swim Meet and the girls took 3rd place. Wednesday night was the infamous Boys Belly Flop contest and the winner was…Jared Regenstein! Congratulations! The girls dressed in all black for the traditional “Hunt the TIC.” Yazzy was the overall winner and Yuma took home first place.

Thursday was a very special evening. After Sing Down, we introduced a very special organization to the Camp Watitoh community. As mentioned in the Spring Watitohan, Project Morry, is a year round youth development program anchored by a summer camp experience. We discussed with the campers the importance of community service and being able to give back to others who may not be able to afford the gift of camp. We showed the Project Morry video in preparation for our Day of Service on Wednesday, July 12th. For more information and to watch the video, please visit their website at

Friday was a partial rainy day at camp with activities going strong. Dodgeball, Bingo, Team-Building games, cooking, and more…We were able to squeeze in our first camp fire before the rain came. We had incredible talent shared by both campers and staff and enjoyed delicious s’mores at the conclusion.

The highlight of today was the incredible performance of the Little Mermaid. It was a night to remember! The campers sang their hearts out in the cutest of costumes and put on a production that was memorable. We couldn’t be happier for the entire cast and crew of the show and are so proud of everyone for their efforts. A huge congratulations to Carter and Carolyn for their commitment to the kids and to the Watitoh theater.

We are very much looking forward to the week ahead…British Empire Day tomorrow, Birthday Banquet Tuesday, the annual SING on Friday and seeing many of you on Saturday Visiting Day!