Living the Dream: Week 3

Week 3 was an active and exciting week at Watitoh!!

The days were busy with activities and intercamps and the nights were spent engaged and spirited in evening programs and cabin overnights! All week, the campers and counselors were rehearsing their SING songs and getting ready for the big event.

On Tuesday afternoon, our Cadets and Scouts hosted a “play date” with the Mah-kee-nac boys of the same age. They played Slip ‘n Slide Kickball, Capture the Flag, and Grenades. Tuesday night was one of the most traditional evening activities—the Birthday Banquet. We all dressed up a little nicer and enjoyed a fantastic dinner. It was a night celebrating the birthday of camp and also the birthdays of all campers and staff that fall in the months outside of summer. We sang “Happy Birthday to Us” and ate our favorite cake made by Luis the Baker. After dinner we enjoyed a concert by camp favorite, Tom Carroll.

Wednesday night was the girls Gladiator Night where the counselors challenged the campers in all sorts of games: Earth Ball, Shaving Cream Tug –of- War, Battleship and more…The campers beat the counselors! The boys played REBUS—an all camp scavenger hunt where they had to decipher clues and solve puzzles.

Thursday was the coed swim meet at Camp Greylock. As usual, Watitoh’s team showed off their swim skills and came home with a 2nd place trophy!!

On Friday morning, the Middy girls went to the Norman Rockwell Museum. The rest of the day was spent in normal activities followed by an all-camp clean-up and getting ready for our visitors on Saturday. The SING on Friday night was one of the most memorable with the presentation of beautifully written songs and performances by all of the campers.

Saturday was a fantastic Visiting Day culminating in an awesome “Tough Mudder/Color Run!” If you haven’t seen the pictures, they are most colorful!

Sunday was the Boys Camp Pan Am Day. A huge congratulations to the captains: Connor Marsh (Argentina), Matt Daniel (Brazil), and Peter Johnson (Chile.) It was an awesome day of land sports, an Apache relay, and a Bucket Brigade. Brazil came out on top leading it’s team to victory!

We are very excited for Week 4 and what’s to come! Some of our friends will be departing next weekend while new ones will join us for the last three weeks. We have an incredible half of the summer still ahead and we can’t wait for what’s in store!