Living the Dream: Week 4

After an amazing Visiting Day weekend, Week 4 kicked off with great energy, spirit, and tradition!
On Monday, we set the bar really high for Color War with an exciting Sports-a-Rama Track Meet. Every team showed up for their events and did so with great enthusiasm!

Tuesday was the annual trip to Cooperstown for the Junior and Senior Boys. A visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame followed by shopping around at all of the souvenir shops allowed for a great trip day off camp. The tradition of the “weirdest” souvenir purchased was awarded to Zach for buying a shower cap for a cat! Tuesday night was a lively event in the Social Hall where the girls won Cabin Feud, keeping the Townsend Cup Trophy safe on girls camp for another year! Congrats to Chrissy and the girls of Watitoh!

Wednesday was another typical day at camp with Boys and Girls separates. The Boys had the 2nd annual Pokemon Go activity while the girls played Big Sis/Little Sis Scattegories.

Thursday was an all-around active day…Starting with an early departure for our sailing team to the Berkshire Cup Race at Camp Lenox. After a close race, they came in 3rd place all around. We are very proud of our sailors! Congrats to Daleen and Meghan for their dedication. Dylan also took a group of campers to an archery intercamp at Mah-kee-nac. Everyone who returned from last year improved in their score and gave and amazing effort! The Inter Girls had the chance to go to the Crane Paper Factory for a private tour and education on how paper is made! What a cool trip!!

Thursday night was Project Morry Night! Campers got to test their skills by making Watitoh “World Records” in an effort to raise money for Project Morry, a year-round youth development program anchored by a sleepaway camp experience. Please be on the lookout for more information about the “laps” that your camper accomplished and feel free to make a donation as you see fit. We watched the Project Morry video with the campers and talked about giving the gift of camp to someone who may not have the opportunity. We are so proud of all of our campers for their efforts!

On Friday we had two very exciting intercamps. Our chess players, along with coach Austin, went to Mah-kee-nac for an intense tournament where our players did exceedingly well and made it to the finals! In the afternoon our girls dance team went to Taconic and won first place for their hip-hop dance!! Alexa, our dance specialist, could not have been prouder!

Saturday night was camp favorite, Las Vegas Night! Horse races, jelly bean guessing, poker and more filled the Social Hall for campers to enjoy. In addition, we got to enjoy Dancing with the Staff. Kudos to all of the participants and a huge shout out to Amalie and Alex for placing first!

Sunday we said goodbye to our 4-week campers and welcomed our 3-week campers. The weather is keeping us on our toes and allowing us to let our creative juices flow…however, today we are enjoying sunshine and a normal camp day! It was an amazing first half of the summer and we are looking ahead to what some say are the “most exciting weeks of camp!”