COVID-19 Update

Dear Families,

With a very broken heart, we are writing today to share with you that Camp Watitoh will not be opening this upcoming summer. We know how surreal and devastating this is to read and to process. It is the same for us as we write this letter to you. We are so grateful for your patience during these last few months, and especially these past few weeks while we were living with the uncertainty of the summer.

For months we have been cautiously optimistic about opening camp, making contingency plans and hoping for a clear path to emerge for us to open in a safe manner. We’ve been participating in seminars with colleagues, speaking with health officials, evaluating the accuracy of testing, and listening for more guidance from the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, even amidst all of these conversations and analysis, that path has not come to fruition for us.

It was important that we took the time to exhaust all possible scenarios before making this decision and we so appreciate your patience. We know it hasn’t been easy. At this point we feel no stone has been left unturned. In the end, we needed more certainty about this unknown virus to feel that we could keep our campers and staff emotionally and physically safe in a way that you trust us to do every summer.

We know this email does not come as a surprise, especially with so many camps making similar decisions. At the same time, it is still extremely disappointing. Attached you will find some resources to help speak with your child(ren) about this news and help them process this message. Campers are going to be sad, disappointed, angry, confused, and everything in between. Some of them may even be relieved because they were nervous about coming to camp under these circumstances. It is so important to give them the time and attention they need to get through this.

What we do know more than ever is that Watitoh is about the people and not the physical place. If we have learned anything the last few months, it is the strength of our community and relationships. It is those people who will get us through until we can be living the dream together for our 85th summer in person in 2021. We know that we will pick up right where we left off - developing friendships, building independence, and having fun in a warm, welcoming, supportive community.

We realize that there are many questions surrounding this decision, the financials, and what happens moving forward. Please click the Summer 2020 FAQ button below to find the answers to some of the most common questions and we welcome additional ones.

Please share this video message from us when you share this news with your camper(s). We will continue to connect with our camp family in the safest ways we can over the summer and until we can be together again. We will miss all of you so deeply this summer.

With love and hugs,
Britton and Drew

Summer 2020 FAQs

Living the Dream: Week 3


There is a saying in sleepaway camping that the days are long and the weeks are short! It couldn’t be truer of Week 3. It was a week of busy activity, intercamps, and A LOT of SING practice. All in all, the weather was gorgeous and the smiles were constant!
Looking back all the way to last Sunday…The girls had British Empire Day. An amazing mini-Color War, Girls Camp is split into three teams compete in sports, a swim meet, and a track meet. Great Britain, led by Gigi Schmitt; Australia, led by Emma Lawrence; and Canada, led by Sophie Feldman all demonstrated great sportsmanship, comradery, and enthusiasm for their own team. In a close race, Canada came out on top! While the girls were busy with their traditional day, the Lower Camp Boys (older) played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and the Upper Camp Boys (younger) had NFL Day. Their afternoon was spent in their annual Sports-a-Rama Swim Meet.

Monday was a typical program day followed by the Sports-a-Rama Apache Relay. Every camper was assigned a certain role in the relay which ultimately ended with a TIC going down the slide and running to the beach! It was a close race but the Columbia Rams won the event!

Tuesday was the annual Birthday Banquet! A much anticipated tradition, it is the night we celebrate the birthday of Camp Watitoh AND all of the campers and staff who do not have summer birthdays. We get slightly more dressedup, have a banquet style meal, and invite campers and staff to help us light the candles while we all sing “Happy Birthday to us!” The night ended with an amazing performance by everyone’s favorite cover singer, Tom Carroll. Playing the Watitoh scene since 1991, he is a legend!

Wednesday was girls and boys separate evening activities. The boys played REBUS, a scavenger hunt meets logic puzzles. The girls had Gladiators, a counselor vs. camper competition of slip n’ slide tug-o-war, musical chairs, gaga ball, and more!! For the 2nd year in a row, the counselors took the crown!

Thursday was the coed swim meet at Camp Greylock where Watitoh placed 3rd. Thursday night the whole camp had SING practice in anticipation of the amazing performance on Friday night. We were so proud of all of our performers and overwhelmed by the commitment of our staff and Music Specialist, Nick Harwas, put into the experience.

Saturday was an amazing Visiting Day followed by an even more amazing ALL CAMP SHAVING CREAM FIGHT!!!

Today was a huge day on Boys Camp- Pan Am Day! Fighting for the win, Brazil (Charlie Flamm), Argentina (Ben Hecht), and Chile (Zack Filene) fought hard on the basketball court, in the hockey rink, on the football field, through an Apache, and a Bucket Brigade. Argentina brought home the Victory!

We are already looking ahead to Week 4 and what is in store! Tonight is anticipated Square Dance followed by the Townsend Cup Cabin Feud on Tuesday, Name that Tune Later in the Week and Las Vegas Night Saturday. So many intercamps and exciting events to look forward to!! Remember to check photos to see camp in action!