Living the Dream: Week 2


Week 2 has come to an end and it has been quite a week…Trips! Intercamps! Evening Programs! Special Events! And the most beautiful weather!

Sunday was our first late sleep of the summer followed by Girls and Boys separate activities where Big and Little Sisters and Brothers were introduced! They had time to spend together to play games and get-to-know each other. The afternoon was spent playing Sports-a-Rama Sing Down! Congrats to the Ozark Dukes for taking 1st place!

Monday morning was our annual Photo Day followed by a normal afternoon of activities. Monday night was Sports-a-Rama filled with healthy competition, a lot of team spirit, and some dynamic skills on the courts and fields!

Tuesday was an incredible night at Watitoh! We had our first ever SILENT DJ! The Disco Daddy’s and Sammy Sam and the Barefoot Boys dueled trying to get the most campers and counselors to listen to their “channel” on the headsets. It was a real party in the Social Hall!

Wednesday was separate Boys and Girls Camp activities. The Boys had their annual Belly Flop contest! A huge shout out to Zack Filene for winning the all-around competition! The Girls had their annual “Hunt the TIC” night, a huge game of hide-and-go-seek where each TIC is worth points. Congratulations to the bunk of Shoshoni for their win and to counselor, Nikeeta and TIC, Amanda Gilbert for making it back to home base without getting caught!

Thursday was the 4th of July! Girls camp was all dolled up in their patriotic spirit wear at morning line-up. After a normal morning, the whole camp geared up for Red, White, and Blue Day! All water based activities, the campers did relays, played Capture the American Flag, water balloon dodge ball, slip-n-slide kickball, and more…The TICS and Waiters participated in our marquee event called Chaos…crack an egg on their head, catch a tennis ball dipped in chocolate sauce, dig for pennies in oatmeal, bathe in an ice bath, and slip n’ slide were all part of this gross but amazingly fun relay race! The day concluded with our favorite Court Jesters Comedy Basketball Show!

Friday was our first all-camp campfire of the season! We had amazing performances by campers and staff…followed by some delicious s’mores.

Saturday was a busy day with our first Dream Day of the season. We welcomed prospective campers to spend the day to start “Living the Dream” as a Watitoh camper. The day ended with an amazing performance of Alice in Wonderland. A huge congrats to Tatiana, Nick, and the entire cast and crew of the show. It was an unbelievable show!

Below is a recap of the Trips and Intercamps this week! We are already looking ahead to next week: Birthday Banquet and Tom Carroll, REBUS and Gladiators, SING, and seeing all of you on Saturday for Visiting Day!


Sunday: Scouts/Inters Candlestick Bowling
Monday: Rangers Basketball Hall of Fame
Tuesday: Cooking Hobby went to the dairy farm
Wednesday: Senior Boys to Cooperstown
Thursday: 4th of July! No trips!
Friday: Art Hobby to Mass MOCA and Junior Boys to Lazer Tag

Monday: Cadets/Scouts play date with Mah-kee-nac
Tuesday: Boys 5th Grade Flag Football at Greylock
Boys 7th Grade Basketball at Lenox
Girls: Advanced Tennis at Danbee
Wednesday: Boys 8th Grade Football at Mah-kee-nac
Girls: Swim Meet at Romaca
Thursday: 4th of July! No intercamps!
Friday: Girls 10th Grade Basketball at Lenox
Girls Track Meet at Romaca
Boys Sailing Regatta at Greylock