Living the Dream: Weeks 3 & 4



Two weeks has flown by at Camp Watitoh…It seems like ages ago that we were all together as a camp celebrating our Birthday Banquet! A special night dedicated to those who don’t have a summer birthday, we all dress a little nicer, eat a wonderful dinner, and enjoy four tasty cakes that represent each season of the year. Campers and staff are called to light a candle and represent all of the different demographics of our wonderful camp community. The night ended with an amazing performance by hypnotist, Ronny Romm.
Other highlights of the week included Girls Camp Big/Little Sister Twins and Triplets Day, Gladiator Night for girls, Hunger Games for boys, and culminated in the traditional camp Sing. Each age group’s counselors rewrote the words to popular songs, with lyrics that reminded all of us of the special place we call our summer home. Not a dry eye was in the house when the TICS performed their ballad.

IMG_9820Week 3 was topped off with one of the best days of summer…Visiting Day! Parents, campers, and staff spent the day reuniting, enjoying camp activities, eating a delicious camp meal, and watching our annual Visiting Day Show. We loved seeing all of our camp families enjoying their day (even with a passing rain storm mid-day!) The weekend ended with the ever-popular Square Dance with Cliff Brodeur and Square One!


This past week has been one of thIMG_2977e most fun-filled of the season. Intercamp games continued with basketball, soccer, swimming, and more, while campers enjoyed overnight campouts and great trips. Debs and Inters enjoyed learning about mid-century art at the Norman Rockwell Museum while the Junior girls spent an afternoon at The Clark Museum followed by lunch in Williamstown. The Scouts and Rangers enjoyed their visit to the Basketball Hall of Fame while most of Boys Camp went on a Cooperstown Adventure!
A big congratulations to Boys Camp for sweeping The Townsend Cup at Cabin Feud night! All summer the Boys and Girls compete in game shows and, for the 2nd summer in a row, the boys took the trophy. The girls tried their best! Wednesday night was Hunt the Counselor for both campuses. In cabin groups, campers search high and low for counselors, hidden all over camp. Once they find a counselor, they must “steal” his/her hat. Each counselor is worth a certain number of points (and they might be negative points!!) It is an absolute favorite evening for all of camp! Back by popular demand, Thursday night was the Watitoh Pageant and the week finished with a great campfire, filled with camper and counselor performances, stories, and s’mores.

The weekend was bittersweet, saying goodbye to our 4-week friends and welcoming new end-of-summer campers. Saturday night we had our annual Las Vegas night where campers were given homemade money to spend on games and palm readings. Sunday’s special event was the Pet Battle: The Savage Shelby’s vs. The Spirited Stanley’s (our two favorite camp pets representing!) The campers were split into coed teams and competed against wacky games and water relays. The weekend concluded with the Black and White Social for the older camper and a bowling trip for the Scouts, Debs and Inters.
Week 5 is off to a great start and we’re all looking forward to the many surprises in the last few weeks of camp!