Living the Dream: Week 5


Week 5, is officially in the books!

The week began with normal programming and the traditional Sports-a-Rama Monday night games. Tuesday was a special day with most of our older campers in Boston, enjoying a full day visiting Faneuil Hall, Duck Tours, and Shear Madness. The younger campers played in the first ever Rainbow Games where counselors were dressed up in colors and campers had to find them hidden around camp. Once the color was found, the campers did a task and received a stripe on their arm in that color. But watch out! The Greenie Meanies were out to get the campers and erase all of their colors, forcing them to start the game all over again!! Everyone was running around camp constantly… laughing and ready for showers after Mohegan won!

Our golf and horseback program have been in full gear since the start of camp and many of our campers have been enjoying their golf lessons at the Cranwell Resort in Lenox and the riding lessons at Undermountain Farm. It’s been exciting to see their improvements these last few weeks!

IMG_01759Wednesday night was a split boys and girls camp activity. The girls wow’d us with their dance moves and spirit at MTV Night while the boys played an intense game of Bezzer Wizard on Boys Court. We love the camaraderie we see on these separate nights.
Regular programming has been active and exciting as usual! Girls tennis and soccer intercamps have been keeping everyone busy while the boys started practicing for our ever-popular Watitoh Gardens game. The photography hobby and reintroduction of the dark room was a huge hit with some of our boys while pioneering hobby made it on their first hike of Mt. Greylock of the summer. The water trampoline, waterskiing, adventure, and, of course Footloose rehearsals have been abound as well.

IMG_1491On Thursday night we all enjoyed a Watitoh favorite, a performance by Tom Carroll. A legend on Center Lake and in the Berkshires, Tom performs cover songs from the ‘70s-‘90s. Campers and counselors alike enjoy his annual visits to camp and make requests for songs such as “Cats in the Cradle,” “Sweet Baby James,” “Country Road,” “Wagon Wheel” and so much more! Our very own program director, Rick Jennings, joined Tom for a performance of Ryan Wilson by the Barenaked Ladies.

One of the biggest highlights of the week was Watitoh’s very first entry in a Dance Competition at Camp Lenox. With Sanibel at the helm, Watitoh’s girls participated in three group dances and a few solo acts. Everyone had a great time and returned to camp proud of being a part of such a momentous intercamp. We’re all looking forward to this becoming a tradition and are thrilled the new dance program has been such a success!

The weekend came and Watitoh hosted our very first Dream Day for prospective campers. Twenty-four campers spent the day doing camp activities and experiencing what it feels like to start “Living the Dream!” Parents received tours of camp and were invited to enjoy lunch off camp and explore the Berkshires. We all came together, in the afternoon, to enjoy the ever-popular s’mores, around the campfire and celebrate the amazing day had by all!

Sunday closed the week with a Girls Photo Scavenger Hunt and Boys NFL Day in the morning followed by a Sports-a-Rama Track Meet in the afternoon. The evening brought our Prom Social for the older kids, DJ’d by our ever-popular Tennis Director, Nick Loudermilk. Our younger campers enjoyed limbo, karaoke and a luau party extraordinaire at the beach!

Get ready for the excitement ahead…All of camp is on their toes about when Olympiad (Color War) will break. Will it be today? Tomorrow? Next week??? Who will be the generals? Who will be the chiefs of staff? Your guess is as good as ours. Stay tuned…