Living the Dream: Week 5

IMG_2188We started the week with a twist in the schedule and Sunday was a Monday and Monday was a Sunday. That meant that Monday was a late sleep followed by boys and girls separate morning activities. Boys camp played their first ever Quidditch tournament while the girls played Rebus, where they decoded clues all around camp. The afternoon was filled with our first Watitoh carnival in many decades! It was a blast. With sno cones, cotton candy, a bouncy obstacle course, and many games, there was fun being had by everyone on the Oval! Each bunk was responsible for running a booth and campers and counselors worked in shifts so that all could enjoy. As the carnival was winding down, an impromptu shaving cream party broke out. It was all washed away with a coed general swim to end the day!

Monday evening was separate socials for our older and younger campers. A Luau themed, Under the Sea party was enjoyed on our beachfront while the Seniors and older had a Masquerade Ball in the Social Hall.

IMG_0982Tuesday was the ever popular Boston Trip for Upper Senior and TIC girls and Upper Senior Boys. The itinerary included Faneuil Hall, the JFK Museum, a Sightseeing Cruise of the Inner Harbor, and dinner in the North End. The Waiter Men had the afternoon off and explored a picnic at Pontoosuc Lake and dinner in Lee at Baja Charlie’s followed by Ice Cream at Lucky’s! The rest of the campers played the Rainbow Games… where counselors were dressed up in colors and campers had to find them hidden around camp. Once the color was found, the campers did a task and received a stripe on their arm in that color. But watch out! The Greenie Meanies were out to get the campers and erase all of their colors, forcing them to start the game all over again!! Everyone was running around camp constantly… laughing and ready for showers after.

IMG_1124Wednesday was the start of a multi-day girls camp tradition called “Sock-Her.” Imagine all of the girls having a secret partner that they have to “get” by tagging her with a sock. Everyone walks around arm-in-arm so they’re nemesis can’t catch them. From reveille to taps, no one is safe! Wednesday night was separate campus activities. MTV Night for the girls with incredible performances by each group. The winners of the night were Onondoga with a kitschy dance to “My Shiny Teeth and Me” from Fairly Odd Parents, Yuma with “Take a Hint” and our TICS of Cayuga acting out “Stick to the Status Quo.” The boys competed in “Hunt the Counselor,” a tradition of searching for counselors all over camp who have predetermined point values. The intensity of both campers and counselors alike is beyond the normal Watitoh spirit and the winners this year, Seneca, took home first place with no hesitation.

Not only was Thursday Billy Hoch’s IMG_1413birthday, but was also the Cadet and Scout’s first friendly play date with Camp Mah-kee-nac. The lower ball field was home to two different games, Slip n’Slide Kickball and Grenades. Campers were having a blast, sliding into baby pools for the bases and soaking the counselors whenever possible! It was a great afternoon for both camps! Thursday night was our World Records Night where Upper Seniors were in charge! They manned the booths while younger campers tried to beat the records for the most hula hoops, the longest headstand, the most consecutive forward rolls, and more. Many records were broken that night which will be inscribed in the official Watitoh World Records book!

Friday was a normal program day with a highlighted trip to Mass MOCA by the Art hobby. The evening activity was Buddy Check, where pairs of campers, staff, brothers, sisters, waiters and their tables, and friends were called up to answer questions about one another, similar to the Dating Game. The night had everyone laughing and the hosts Nikki and Gabe, kept everyone on their toes!

IMG_1821Saturday was filled with a lot of excitement as we welcomed 36 Dream Day Campers onto camp. Our “Dreamers” were “Living the Dream” as the played tennis, went to cooking, and adventure, and got to swim in the lake and choose a hobby. They got a great taste for the tradition, spirit, and camaraderie of Watitoh. The Senior girls enjoyed the morning at Tanglewood followed by lunch and a stroll around Lenox. It was a busy and successful day for all involved. Saturday night was our Staff Talent Show with many of our staff sharing their talents while others discovered new talents!

Sunday was our first rainy day of the summer! A well-deserved movie morning was scheduled followed by a Sports-a-Rama competition of the Alphabet Game in the Social Hall. The skies cleared up and we got everyone active for the end of the day. Sunday night was the ever-popular Costume Social with the entire camp dressing up in a creative costume. There were cops and robbers, AthleTICS, Harry Potter characters, Ketchup & Mustard and more…

Monday’s schedule was jam packed with sports sessions in preparation for the anticipated Color War break! We have seen many fake breaks these past few days and everyone is on edge about when the moment will happen…Stay tuned for our next update for more information about this incredible end-of-summer event that we all look forward to!