Summer 2020 FAQs

What is the refund policy for this summer?

We appreciate the trust and loyalty of our camp families.  To that end, our goal in creating our credit/refund policy was to make you whole by allowing each family to select an option that works best for them. To review the options available to you please log in to your My Watitoh, choose choose Postponement Options from your Forms Dashboard.

How will the age groups work next summer?

Campers will move up with their age group and will not repeat their 2020 age groups.  For example, 2020 Inter Girls will return as 2021 Middies.

My child is a TIC or Waiter, what is the plan for them next summer?

The 2020 TIC 2s and Waiter 2s will be invited to return in 2021 to complete their camper experience.  They will join the 2020 first year TICs and Waiters to lead camp.  They are the heart and soul of each campus and deserve to have their much-anticipated marquis summer.

I purchased Clothing from The Camp Spot, what is their return/credit policy?

The Camp Spot will continue to allow families to return unwanted merchandise (for store credit) for any merchandise that is in re-sellable condition (i.e. items that are not washed, worn, or customized).  This includes items with sewn in labels.  Your store credit may be used for next summer or at any time.  The Camp Spot is open year-round and sells generic as well as camp-specific items.  They asked us to share the following, “To minimize the number and size of the returns, we are planning to encourage those families that are inclined to return their orders to keep their non-sized items (since their children will not outgrow these items) as well as a few of their camp logo’d items so they have some camp swag to wear until next summer.”  For more information you can contact The Camp Spot at (973) 994-7416 or visit

I have already signed up for Lenox Village Integrative Pharmacy , what will happen to the medications?

Families that registered with our pharmacy partner will get a full refund of their registration fee. If needed, they will assist in the transfer of any prescriptions to your local pharmacy.  For more information, you can contact Colleen Byrnes at 413-637-4700 x116 or visit

I signed up to have my camper’s bags shipped through R & B baggage.  What is their refund/credit policy?

R & B will either issue a credit for 2021 or a refund to the original payment method on a case by case basis. Either way, families will not lose anything.  Please contact them at — at your convenience to request your credit or refund. Please visit for more information.

Will Camp Watitoh offer any camp programming this summer?

As you might imagine, decision-making has been our primary focus over the last several weeks.  Now that we know our plans for the summer, we can focus on what we CAN do.  We will continue to provide thoughtful and meaningful ways for our campers to stay connected throughout the summer and keep the Watitoh spirit alive.  We will be in touch as more information is available.  We encourage campers and parents to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on these virtual events.

We are also looking into the possibilities of offering a low-key “social distancing family camp.”  It will depend on MA state guidelines, travel restrictions and Board of Health recommendations.  We will be in touch soon with more information and details.

Will Camp Watitoh be open for the summer of 2021?

Yes!   We cannot wait to be Living the Dream on Center Lake altogether as a Watitoh Family!

I have been hired to work at Camp Watitoh for the summer 2020.  Now what?

We were so looking forward to having you at camp this summer. For our returners, we know that you are disappointed to not be back at your summer home and for our first-year staff, we are sorry that you are not getting to experience living the dream in 2020. We are hopeful that all of you will consider returning to Watitoh in summer 2021.  You are very much invited to join us and we hope that your plans will allow. Max, Britton, and Drew will all be in touch in the upcoming weeks to touch base.  We hope that you will continue to connect with us throughout the summer and through the year.