Covid Protocols – Summer 2022

Dear Watitoh Families,

We could not be more excited for the summer of 2022 and are counting down the days to welcome our camp family back to Center Lake!

Our goal is to run camp as normal as possible.  We also want to acknowledge that camp is a unique environment where we live together, eat together, and play together: all ways in which COVID transmission can swiftly occur.  We have designed protocols for pre-camp behaviors, testing, and what happens in the likely chance there is a COVID positive case at Watitoh this summer.

While the protocols outlined on the below link are how we intend to run camp; we will continue to monitor community transmission rates throughout the summer and will make adjustments to protocols as needed.  Our goal is to provide a summer with limited restrictions, contain COVID’s operational impact at camp when we have cases and to welcome our campers on day one without Covid to help ensure the best possible start.

We ask for your partnership in ensuring that all our campers entering camp have been extremely careful at least 10 days prior to arrival and are requiring that all families follow the CDC guidelines of being up to date with their COVID vaccinations, which includes the booster shot for all ages. Our staff will be fully up to date on their vaccinations as well.

We are incredibly grateful for the trust of our families and your support as we have, and continue to, navigate this together.

With hugs,
Britton and Drew

Summer 2022 COVID FAQs